Plumbing System Photos -- (Click Here)

Plumbing System Photos -- (Click Here)

Plumbing vent open end in attic space. 
Plumbing gases are noxious. Recommend
extending vent pipe up thru roof per code.



Hot water heater has defective flue pipe
connection; a potential hazardous condition.
 Water pipe connections corroded due to
dissimilar metal contact. Suggest rigid
tubing and dielectric fittings to prevent 
galvanic corrosion.

Burner cover missing from 18 yr. old hot 
water heater. Suggest plumbing contractor
to service unit and provide burner cover.

Sink drain flexible leader is leaking. Request
seller to repair leak. Suggest replacing flex
leader with rigid PVC connection tthe trap. 

Toilet waste line leak detected at
lead bend in basement when 
tested. Suggest repair.

Water meter with plumbing ground 
connection and jumper. Recommend
bronze clamps to avoid dissimilar
metal corrosion.

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