Electrical System Photos -- (Click Here)

Electrical System Photos -- (Click Here)


Degraded wire insulation from
overheating due to oversized circuit
breaker. Electrician to correct.


Improperly installed service drip loop
can allow water to enter the service 
weatherhead and meter pan.
Electrician to correct. 

Corrosion inside electrical panel caused
by water entering via conduit. Suggest
correcting existing water incursion
at defective sill plate.


Sample testing of outlets to check for
proper polarity, grounding, open circuits
and to test GFCI receptacles. Testing 
revealed outlets wired in reverse 
polarity which is an easy fix.


Electrical panel checked for proper 
grounding bond to an acceptable 
ground source.

Improper wiring practice used in attic
space to be corrected. 

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