Cooling System Photos -- (Click Here)

Cooling System Photos -- (Click Here)

A/C condensing units installed too close
together can reduce system performances.
Suggest manufacturer's recommended
clearance between the two units. 

Air conditioning condenser unit not level
and against the house will cause reduced 
performance and reduced service life.
Suggest providing 18 inch clearance
from house and leveling the unit. 

A/C refrigerant suction pipe not insulated
Recommend using pre-formed flexible
elastomeric type insulation on cold
suction line only.

A/C condenser coil fins deteriorated and
unit beyond its expected service life.
Suggest updating A/C equipment.

Collapsed central A/C system return duct will
reduce performance and possibly freeze up
cooling coil due to lack of air flow. Suggest 
re-installing the duct to eliminate choke

Shoddy central A/C installation practices with
detached return duct connection at air
handler. Repairs noted within.

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